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    • 18 Oct 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Lake Union Cafe, 3119 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102
    • 72

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    Neurocraze: Brains, Politics and Neuromarketing

    Marketers have joined numerous other fields in embracing what could arguably be called a Neuro craze, the pursuit of deeper insights into human decision-making and behavior based on brain science. The result for marketing has been both growth and hype in a new area of marketing research called neuromarketing.

    The alluring promise of neuromarketing is that the method yields more accurate insight into how individuals really think and feel in ways that traditional methods such as surveys and public opinion polls completely fail to capture. One recent area where this issue has come to the surface is in the realm of politics due to the perception that political polling failed to accurately measure deeply rooted public sentiment that led to the 2016 election outcomes.

    This, however, begs the question how likely is it that the data obtained in neuromarketing research can better predict human decision-making and behavior? Put more bluntly within the context of politics, are unconscious brain processes that may not be revealed through traditional marketing research methods better predictors of election outcomes and should political campaigns focus on appealing to the more raw, reptilian parts of voters’ brains?

    This talk will wrestle with these questions from a scientific perspective. Attendees will receive an overview of Neuromarketing as a cutting-edge research methodology and be introduced to a framework for scientifically valid and practically valuable applications of the science. This talk will feature presentation of a case study on neuromarketing science consisting of a joint study on the 2016 presidential election that was conducted by Media Mind Insights at Texas Tech University and Cascade Strategies in Seattle, Washington.

    Attendees should gain insights into the relationship between public opinion polling and the methods and measures of Neuromarketing, especially in the fascinating realm of politics, and walk away with the ability to critically evaluate and possibly apply this method in their own work.

    Our Speaker: 

    Paul Bolls, Professor at the College of Media & Communications at Texas Tech University.

    Dr. Bolls is a professor and the director of Media Mind Insights, a Neuromarketing research group in the Center for Communication Research at Texas Tech University. He has nearly 25 years of experience using neurophysiological methods to study how individuals cognitively and emotionally process media. Dr. Bolls co-authored “Psychophysiological Measurement and Meaning: Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Media” the first research methods book completely dedicated to the application of neurophysiological methods in media research. He works as a Neuromarketing consultant and regularly conducts projects for large national clients in his lab at Texas Tech University. Dr. Bolls’ holds a PhD from Indiana University, MA from Washington State University, and a BA from Montana State University. Prior to graduate school he worked in commercial radio as an on-air talent. He grew up in Montana and loves escaping back to the beauty of the Northwest as much as possible.

    Luncheon will be served including a salad, entree, sides and dessert. You may indicate your entree choice in the registration form. Menu details can be found on the Luncheons page.
    • 07 Nov 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Nordic Museum, 2655 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107
    • 39
    The Future Is Virtually Here Experience for yourself at this exclusive evening event

    Attendance is LIMITED TO 40 PEOPLE 

    This exciting Wednesday evening will begin as David Bauer, of Hemispheres, shares how Virtual Reality will shape the future of research. We will start at the new Nordic Museum in Ballard. 

    Attendees will have an opportunity to experience VR for themselves as well as gain:

    • An overview of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality
    • An introduction to the companies and technologies in this spae
    • Videos that demonstrate the possible applications of AR and VR
    • Examples of how VR can be used in research today and in the near future
    • Ideas for how research facilities and platforms could embrace and apply this technology for a competitive advantage

    After the presentation, attendees will walk to Portal VR Lounge at 2601 NW Market -- approximately a 3-5 minute walk -- to enjoy pizza and drinks while David takes Q & A from 7:15 to 8pm.  Each attendee will receive a coupon good for one beer or non alcoholic beverage. 

    At 8:00 all attendees will have the chance to experience VR in one of the booths for up to 10 minutes.

    Our Speaker: 

    David Bauer has spent over twenty years exploring human perceptions and behaviors and their implications for business strategy. He strives to understand how both rational and emotional elements factor into people’s decision making. Based on this approach, he founded the consumer insights agency Hemispheres in Seattle in 2003.

    David and Hemispheres offer a full range of qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as ideation, user experience and business strategy. Their work covers a broad spectrum of categories including technology, retailing, consumer products, food and beverage, health care, beauty, business services and durable goods. David has conducted qualitative research across North American and Europe as well as in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, China and Australia.

    He is a frequent speaker and panel moderator and in the past few years has presented at the Qualitative Research Consultants Association conference, the NW Insights Summit, QUAL360, the Puget Sound Research Forum, the American Marketing Association MarketMix conference and the Seattle chapter of the Interaction Design Association. David has also held positions at Q2 Brand Intelligence, Publicis Advertising, Tattoo brand consulting, Morla Design and KQEDfm. 

    Pizza will be served. You may indicate your topping choice in the registration form. 

    • 10 Dec 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • 11 Dec 2018
    • 4:00 PM
    • Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA

    The 5th Annual SPARKS Conference — Save the Date!
    December 10 & 11, 2018

    at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA.

    The first day of the SPARKS conference features over a dozen social marketing experts from across the Pacific Northwest speaking (TED Talk style) about behavior change campaigns and insights related to environmental protection, community engagement, public health and advanced theory.  The optional second day has two primary points of focus:  effective ways to spark behavior change and strategies for social includes in-depth intermediate and advanced level training on social marketing strategies used to tackle these issues.

    Day 1 General Admission: $195*

      Day 1 PNSMA Member Admission: $135

      Day 2 Admission (for everyone): $150

    * If you are not currently a PNSMA member, but would like to join, if you pay for your 2018 membership ($35, which includes membership to iSMA and SMANA) now, you can attend the conference at the member rate of $135. Become a PNSMA member today by clicking here

    For additional details or to register for this conference visit the PNSMA website.

    • 17 Jan 2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Lake Union Cafe, 3119 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

    Cannabis Goes Mainstream

    At first blush, people think of cannabis as a crop or a commodity; so how can you brand that?  

    Eric’s company, Canna Ventures, has changed that thinking by leading young cannabis companies into the world of branding and all its attendant activities, from logo and packaging to sophisticated systems that forecast demand and track usage.  Eric credits sophisticated market research methods for most of these advances, and he will talk about those methods, including a multi-year National Canna Consumer Typology his company has produced.

    Eric will be talking about the branding of emerging cannabis companies as legalization (both medical and recreational) progresses around the country. 

    Our Speaker: 

    Eric Layland, Digital Agency Leader 

    With over 22 years of evolving experience in digital marketing and technology, few others have as deep exposure in the interactive space. In the world of agencies where self-promotion often trumps capability, Eric’s most significant accomplishment is his reputation for integrity, intelligence and the hard work his team delivers on behalf of clients.

    Confluence Digital begins Eric’s next phase after 6 years as the driving force and co-founder behind Point It Inc., one of Seattle’s largest paid search agencies managing over $30 million in client media dollars annually.

    Past client work includes oversight of search marketing programs for Microsoft, RealNetworks, Hewlett-Packard, CISCO Systems, and over 200 others in both B2B and B2C markets. A particular source of pride is the ascendance of former team members to digital marketing leadership roles at firms such as Adobe Analytics, RealNetworks, Marchex, Razorfish, Cafepress, The Cobalt Group, and others.

    Eric began his career at Fluke Corporation (now Danaher, nyse: dhr) where he was exposed to the possibility of the Internet. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from San Diego State University and lives happily in Seattle.

    Luncheon will be served including a salad, entree, sides and dessert. You may indicate your entree choice in the registration form. Menu details can be found on the Luncheons page.

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